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Tapao is a social e-commerce platform that would like to help Indonesian SMEs to open their own online store website. Tapao also helps the SMEs to promote their store on Facebook and Instagram using Tapao’s marketing automation feature. This feature, which uses  Artificial Intelligence to automate and optimize various aspects of the ad campaign in order to achieve the best results for the merchants.


There are many other social e-commerce platforms out there but we are doing more than just make the store for you. Tapao also will generate traffic to your store using the Booster technology that Tapao has developed. Tapao helps the micro-merchant to advertise their store on social media in such a simple way that even your grandparents can do by themself. As a Facebook Marketing Partner, Tapao wants to democratize the boon of using digital advertising to every single SMEs

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Adgorithmics Pte Ltd. is a technology company that are enabling SMEs to have their own online store website that can advertised to Facebook and Instagram with only a few clicks with the help of our Artificial Intelligence. We’re focusing on our product, Tapao. With Tapao, we want to unlock the possibilities to grow their sales using social media ads that are very accessible for them.


Established in 2014 in the United States and Japan, the company has developed a lot and tried many things to leverage the technology to help as many people as possible. In early 2020 when the corona virus hit Singapore, Adgorithmics launched Tapao for Cause, a project that helps local restaurants during the circuit breaker period. Until early September 2020, the company launched Tapao in Indonesia. Aiming to help millions of micro-merchants to have a sustainable business online. During the early stages of Tapao, we found out that only 15% of them are selling on major marketplaces because the technology is too complicated to them. With Tapao, we are looking to democratize this because technology should be for everyone, not for only a few that have more power in terms of operating it.


We are now mainly based on Singapore and Indonesia. Tapao is available in those regions. Tapao has been used by more than 150,000 micro merchants in Indonesia and Singapore and is looking to help more merchants.  We are improving our technology constantly to make it more sophisticated, but yet easy enough to use so everyone can relish the technology.

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