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You Focus on Great Products.
We Focus on Great 

Tapao offers you the ease and flexibility to do business online and leave everything else to us! 

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"At first, I was unsure. But after using Tapao, my online shop is flooding with orders!"

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"Ever since KJB Seller use Tapao, our orders are increased. It's amazing that the platform is easy to use and generates large number of orders!"

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"Tapao is really helpful to bringing in customers. My online store can generate up to 25 orders per day!"

Tapao Features!

From setting up your Store, to attracting buyers and closing the sales with payment, Tapao has it all!

Ready-made Store Templates and Custom Website Features for business Store look-and-feel customization

Promote your Store to your target buyers using Tapao Shop Poster feature


Once your Tapao Store is ready, it will automatically be included in all Tapao social media campaigns (So, Act Fast!)



TTB will help you get 500 visitors and 700,000 views on Facebook and Instagram for 30 days! To celebrate our re-launch we are offering TTB at introductory price of Rp 500,000! This is more than 30% off normal price of Rp 750,000.


Sales and Payments made easy by TapaoPay (You can focus on your products, store design and Tapao takes care of everything else!)

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Finding stores with products that fits best! Customers can reach your business better!


Frequent "tips & tricks" from your friendly RoboAdvisor to find out how the business can achieve more sales faster!

Hear From Tapao's Merchants!

Our merchants' success is Tapao's success!

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Download Tapao Seller App and Build Now

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