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Partner Program


Make Instant Money with TAPAO Instant Store!


TAPAO Partner Program (TPP)   

An initiative for a TAPAO Seller to leverage on Infrastructure, Tools and Support tailored for you to:

  • Learn (and become an Online selling expert)

  • Own (your own Storefront and business)

  • Enjoy profit-sharing (from all the sales you achieve on TAPAO)

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As a TPP , You Will Receive

An Instant TAPAO Store!

Ready-to-go TAPAO Store complete with your own URL, rich catalog and beautified storefront

An Official Badge!

       Next to your TAPAO Store name to signify you are our recognized partner

Full Infrastructure (system, and inventory) Support

Includes handling logistics (stock, shipping) and payment (online, COD) without having to stock up inventory or pay anything upfront to supplier

Tiered Profit Sharing!

Receive a percentage of profit from all the sales you close and be reimbursed on a monthly basis

Instant Stores For Your Immediate Use

Well-designed and carefully-curated product catalogs for you to start your business right away

As a TPP , You Will:


Maintain an Attractive Store

Constantly update your store so it looks attractive to customers!

Attract As Many Customers

Draw more customers - Get creative with promotions for existing customers and attract new ones!

Use Social Media

The best way to get customers is to promote on social media, so use Share Poster!

Be Proactive

Drive leads, follow up on customers, and close sales; the more you sell, the more you earn!

Here are some TAPAO Seller success stories and testimonials:

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Maira Online Shop

I like to use TAPAO, orders come in directly via WhatsApp. Moreover, the features to promote stores can help dropshippers like me to sell. Hopefully TAPAO can grow and be successful always!


Nadila Fashion

Initially I knew tapao from browsing on Google. What application can advertise my product, then TAPAO appears. Finally I tried and learned, it was easy to use. The features to promote store are very helpful.


Amplop Lebaran

Since using TAPAO, the orders keep coming. Even though the intention was only to sell because it was seasonal, but the orders kept coming in, so I continued it. Moreover, there is already a delivery feature, so we don't bother with manual delivery to the expedition because it's already automatic. Thank you TAPAO!

Here are some Buyer success stories and testimonials:

These are some testimonials from buyers who ordered from our instant stores and!

Easy and Quick Learning to Become a Successful TPP

Below are training and references for you to use anytime, anywhere!

Signing Up for TPP

  1. Visit

  2. Input your TAPAO Store URL (for e.g.

    • The new store will be created under the URL that you have provided).

  3. Choose which Storefront Catalogs would you like to manage 

    • You can visit them by clicking on the Link next to them

  4. Input your WhatsApp Number (for e.g. 0812345678)

    • We will connect with you to get you setup)

  5. Input your Email Address (for e.g.
    • This will allow us to contact you both on email and WhatsApp to provide more details

Activating Your Store

  1. After completing this form a store will be created under your existing TAPAO Store URL

  2. We will notify you via WhatsApp, once your store is ready

  3. Once your store is ready, open or download TAPAO Seller on Google Playstore

  4. Type your email on the Email field and password on the Password field

  5. Click Login

Promoting Your Store

  1. Login to your store on TAPAO Seller.

  2. Open the Store page.

  3. Click Share Store Poster.

  4. Click Edit & Share or Share Now on the poster you want to share

  5. Choose the Product, Text, and Variant.

  6. Click Share Now and starting posting on social media.

Receiving Orders

  1. Log in to your store on TAPAO Seller.

  2. Open the Orders page.

  3. Click on the Order.

  4. Tick Shipping via TAPAO and then click Accept Order.

  5. Choose the Pickup Schedule and then click Request Pickup.

  6. Go back to the order then copy the Tracking ID.

  7. Write or print the Tracking ID, Name, WhatsApp number, and complete address on the package.

  8. Wait until the courier arrives, and they will place another label on the package.

Taking Profit

Once a month, partners can go to withdraw their profits. To withdraw money, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your store on TAPAO Seller.

  2. Open the Orders page.

  3. Click on Withdrawal

  4. Input the Withdrawal Amount, and then click Continue.

  5. Select the destination bank in the Destination Bank section, fill in the account number in the Account Number section, type the password provided by email in the Secret Password section, then click Claim Payout.

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Download TAPAO Seller

Download TAPAO sekarang untuk memulai berjualan online

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