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Use TapaoPay for Payment Processing!
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What is TapaoPay?
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TapaoPay is a payment function on Tapao to facilitate online collection and payment between mechants and buyers.TapaoPay works with the popular payment methods in Indonesia.  By using TapaoPay, the merchants can manage the process of selling and payment collections all on Tapao. Transaction history will be saved by Tapao platform for merchants to access in the future.
TapaoPay has an escrow feature where the interaction between the buyer and merchants is managed and coordinated with the fund movements. This will give buyers added confidence to make purchases and offer merchants more convenience on collections.
Benefits of TapaoPay
How to Process Payments Using TapaoPay
1. Open the Orders tab on the app and click on the newest order.
2. Based on the buyer's Delivery Address, provide the delivery cost by clicking the Add Delivery Cost button.
3. Input the delivery cost, and then click Save
4. Click the Accept Order button.
5. Send the auto-generated WhatsApp message to the buyer.
6. After the buyer has made the payment and the item has been delivered to the buyer, click Delivery Completed.
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How to Withdraw Money from TapaoPay
1. Open the Orders page on the app and click To withdraw your money, click here.
2. Input the amount of money you would like to withdraw, then click Continue*.
3. Pick the Destination Bank, input your Account Number, type in the secret password that has been sent to you via email into Secret Password**, and then click Claim Payout.

*Each withdrawal will be subject to a 1.5% Admin Fee and IDR 5000 Withdrawal Fee.
**Please ensure that the email address you are using is correct, so that the secret password can be delivered successfully.
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